It’s a tough world out there, and even tougher when your hearing starts to go. At REXTON, we won’t let hearing loss hold you back. Good hearing is acute: From getting the job done, to getting home safely and being there for the people who count on you, we know what’s at stake.

Since 1955, we have been working hard to deliver proven hearing technology in the most reliable way. We understand what reliability means in real life, and make practical, easy-to-use products you can count on.
Our hearing aids are built to be worn wherever you work and play. They go where you need to go, and never let you down. They’re built to carry out in all conditions, using proven hearing technology that is tested to the highest standards, so whatever life throws at you, you can rely on REXTON.

Motion Core

When you trust your senses to retain you safe and sound – hearing clearly in every situation is a must.

Our latest generation of hearing aids use proven Motion Core technology to recognize and adapt to your environment, automatically. 

They are designed to be lasting, practical and easy-to-use. So, you can rely on REXTON in any situation.

  • wherever you go

With proven Motion Core technology, M-Core hearing aids can automatically recognize and adapt to your environment better than ever.

  • Motion Sensor

Motion Core technology features an integrated real-time motion sensor that detects your movements to even more accurately determine your hearing situation.

M-Core hearing aids can automatically detect up to 20 times more individual hearing situations than previous models.

  • Rechargeability

Most M-Core hearing aids are rechargeable so you can spare the hassle of battery changing and also do good for the environment.

The hearing aids feature advanced lithium-ion technology, with up to 61 hours wear time on a single charge (depending on hearing aid model). And the stylish M-Core SR hearing aids even come with a mobile charger that carries 3 additional charges without a power socket.

  • Reliable hearing in any situation

Motion Core hearing aids can recognize up to 20 times more singular hearing situations than previous models, so you can rely on REXTON whether you are on the job, spending time with your family, or taking a well-deserved break.

  • Streaming

Stream audio from smartphones, TVs or devices wirelessly to the hearing aids; directly or via transmitter.

Direct Audio Streaming is available for iOS smartphones, and Android smartphones can stream with the excess of the Smart Mic accessory. 

  • My Voice

M-Core hearing aids recognize your special voice pattern and integrate it seamlessly into what you hear. This creates a natural-sounding reflection of your own voice that makes communicating easier.

  • High Resolution Sound pro

Using a combination of inputs including real-time motion data and sound directionality, High Resolution Sound pro continuously adjusts the sound settings to provide the most trusty impression of your environment, automatically.

My Core

My Core Technology: A reliable, correct combination of natural sound and direct streaming. 

My Core combines the best of two worlds: direct audio streaming from iPhones and advanced binaural signal processing that allows you hear more comfortably and naturally, and My Voice that allows you to hear your own voice as naturally as possible.

Technology for My Core 8C

My Core hearing aids have a combination of features that enables to rely on a natural hearing experience.

Direct Streaming

Feature: Connects My Core hearing aids to iPhone. With Smart Transmitter 2.4, My Core devices connect directly to TV and any other Bluetooth® devices. Smart Mic can be used as a microphone or as an interface to Bluetooth-enabled phones for even more streaming options.

Benefit: Easier connectivity for all wearers.

My Voice

Feature: Recognizes the wearer’s own voice and specifically processes it to sound as natural as the wearer is used to hearing themselves.

Benefit: Experience the natural sound of one’s voice.

Voice Ranger

Feature: Maintains the natural loudness of the target speaker compared to competing voices in the environment.

Benefit: Easier one-on-one listening in noisy situations.

Stereo I Lock

Feature: A technology that allows for very narrow directional listening beam focusing on the front.

Benefit: Improves the signal-to-noise ratio in difficult listening environments.

Intelligent Feedback Preventer

Feature: Identifies feedback at a high speed.

Benefit: Lets wearers rely on and enjoy a whistle-free hearing experience.

Dynamic Extender

Feature: Increases the dynamic range of sounds.

Benefit: Enhance sound quality, especially important when listening to music.

My Core Style Line

Convenient lithium-ion rechargeability and a portable charging kit for full mobility.

Your lifestyle is active, your individual style is individual. With Style Line by REXTON, you can easily enjoy the benefits of better hearing paired with superior materials, choice of contemporary bi-color design, compact dimensions, and unique aesthetic character. And with the mobile charger case, you can enjoy up to four days of mobility without ever needing a power socket.

Lithium-ion Rechargeable via mobile Charging Case

Easy and flexible charging with the mobile charger. Up to three full charges of hearing aids without power connection. Easy, automatic charging that stops when fully charged. Style Lines automatically turn on when removed from charger.

Direct Streaming to Phones, TVs and more

Direct connectivity to iPhones. TVs and other Bluetooth enabled devices via Smart Transmitter 2.4 and Smart Mic (Style Line BT).

My Voice

Ensures a wearer’s natural own voice impression. My Voice recognizes the wearer’s personal voice and processes it differently than other voices and sounds.

My Core Features:

My Voice

Direct Streaming to phones

Binaural Signal Processing

quickly connects with smartphones*, TV and other devices

Can be remotely controlled via remote or app


Connect to every soundscape naturally and comfortably.
With TRUCORE™, you can rely on an easy and natural listening experience. Whether you are in a noisy restaurant, reverberant setting like an auditorium or mall, or even while enjoying a concert.
TRUCORE provides a more natural listening experience and features technology, including:
Voice Ranger — boosts speech in every situation.
Music Enhancer — maximizes enjoyment for music lovers.
TRUCORE Features:
Three performance levels
Six programs
Voice Ranger
Reverb Reducer
X Phone (Cross Phone)
Music Enhancer
Tinnitus Function
Durable Secure Tec IP67-rated construction
Bluetooth® compatible
App compatible
* Bluetooth® enabled
Conversations made easy.
In places with strong background noise (e.g., restaurants or family gatherings), communicating with other people needs a lot of concentration and energy. Straining to hear voices in these situations can be draining
Voice Ranger helps to remove this by singling out the target speaker and reducing unwanted background chatter. The result is a more relaxed listening experience.
Shopping with comfort.
You’re at a mall with your friends. Voices are echoing around and mixing with the sound of footsteps on the floor tiles. The Reverb Reducer program suppresses reverberation for increased sound quality. The only thing you need to concentrate on is which store to visit next.
Clear phone conversations.
In noisy offices where phones are ringing and co-workers are chatting about business, straining to hear during a business call can be challenging for anyone.
The X Phone (Cross Phone) program simultaneously sends phone signals to both hearing aids when the phone is held to one ear, so you can hear the conversation clearly, even in a noisy office.
Appreciate every aspect of music.
Music Enhancer provides special sound quality created for music. Whether being at attending a concert, listening to music at home, or even performing live on stage, Music Enhancer delivers a listening experience like no other.
Reliability and durability.
Secure Tec™ - the IP67-rated technology, ensures that TRUCORE BTE and RIC hearing aids are resistant to moisture, sweat, and dirt. The C-Grid Wax Protection even prevents cerumen (earwax) from clogging the receiver. So, do whatever you want today and don’t concern about your hearing aids’ performance — they can keep up!
Tinnitus - coming to terms with ringing in the ears.
More people than ever suffer from tinnitus, a medical condition that causes you to hear ringing, buzzing, or same phantom noises. In some cases, tinnitus is the first symptom of hearing loss.
REXTON hearing aids with Tinnitus Function contain a sound generator in addition to common hearing aid functions. By adding a sound pattern around a wearer’s individual tinnitus signal, the unwanted noise can be wrapped and softened. This helps to find some measure of relief.


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