Hearing Loss

Hearing loss means difficulty in hearing and understanding speech. It can be resulted deafness or hearing loss. Some people who struggle with hearing loss may find understanding speech is easy in a quiet place, but in noisy environments are difficult. The cause of hearing loss can be genetics, birth complications or prematurity, trauma, exposure to loud noises, toxic ear medications, some ear infections, and aging. However, it can be solved by ENT doctors or audiologists. In some case medication and surgery and most of time hearing aids will solve problems.
In this section, we look at the structure of the ear and hearing loss and the signs and causes of it. We also notice to the consequences of untreated hearing loss.


Structure of ear

Human ear, organ of hearing and equilibrium that detects and analyzes sound by transduction or the conversion of sound waves into electrochemical impulses and maintains the sense of balance (equilibrium).

Type of hearing loss

Many patients asked if we could use an invisible hearing aid. It should be noted that hearing well is better than not hearing aids. Whether or not a patient can use an invisible hearing aid depends on the extent and type of hearing loss. It is best to consult your audiologist. Depending on the type of hearing loss, your age and the extent of your hearing loss, the Nobel Hearing Aid Center will prescribe the best, most up-to-date and most suitable hearing aids for you, and you can have a very comfortable and confident purchase.

Causes of Hearing Loss

If you have a hearing problem or earache you should see how long you have had this problem. Do you have earache, or are you just hearing-impaired, or are they both together? Have you had recurrent ear infections since childhood, or has your hearing loss been gradual? It is best to see an ENT doctor and audiologist for a final diagnosis and find treatment very soon.

Signs of Hearing Loss

Some hearing-impaired people have tinnitus (hearing a sound in ear or head that has no external source), or some hearing-impaired people who cannot have good understanding in high frequencies, words that have letters like "S", "SH", "Z" and ..., it will be very difficult for them. Due to these issues, the symptoms of hearing loss and the duration of its occurrence are very diverse and different. You can find the exact cause of your problem by performing an audiometric test or examining the features of tinnitus and vertigo.

Untreated Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is common. Our sense of hearing is something we often take for granted. Unfortunately, hearing loss is more common than many people realize, affecting 1 in 6 Australians and expected to affect as many as 1 in 4 by the year 2050. If you do not pay attention to your hearing loss, your hearing will get worse day by day. This causes anger, isolation or depression.

Accept Hearing Aid

It is true that with age, many parts of the body are not the same as before. For example, in some people there is back pain and knee pain, and in others there are problems with hearing or seeing. But because we are older, we are not supposed to live well and not care about ourselves. A person with sensorineural hearing loss can use a suitable hearing aid with the help of an audiologist.

 The perfect solution of better hearing

The Perfect Solution for Better Hearing

Sometimes people with different hearing impairment do not accept the use of hearing aids. In fact, denying the use of hearing aids is one of the problems that audiologist face. In fact, this is a psychological problem.
Hearing aids are the most common treatment for hearing loss. Today's hearing aids product in various styles, and suggest features and technologies not available in years past.


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