Accept Hearing Aid

Sometimes the process of hearing loss is slow so the person does not notice their hearing loss. That is, he thinks that the problem is with the environment. In fact, this person is not in the denial stage, but the slow hearing loss has made him forget normal hearing. Basically, these people think of a solution after doing a hearing test and seeing the reality.

When we encounter a person, who denies his hearing loss, we hear the following justifications from him:

  • My hearing is not so bad that I want to use a hearing aid. When the noise is loud, sometimes I do not hear a word.

  • People do not have a clear voice and that is why I do not hear well. They generally speak calmly.

  • My hearing will gradually improve and I no longer need a hearing aid.

  • It is not clear how long I will be alive, so why should I use a hearing aid for the rest of my life?

  • If I do not hear a word, I finally want them to repeat it.

What is a hearing aid?

Hearing aids are small electronic devices that can be made and programmed based on different types of hearing loss. The hearing aid includes a microphone, a computer chip for audio processing, a speaker, and a battery. In more serious models of hearing aids, newer parts such as the system of connecting the hearing aid to a mobile phone or laptop or connecting the hearing aid to a TV have also been designed to charge the hearing aid.

How is your hearing loss helped?

In the case of sensorineural hearing loss, hearing aids can normalize sound and increase auditory comprehension and speech resolution. People with sensorineural hearing loss have damaged hearing cells. Hearing aids help increase sound perception for the remaining hearing cells.

Suitable hearing aid

What hearing aid is right for me? This is a question that many hearing aid users ask us. You can choose the most suitable hearing aid for you according to the information provided by our experts. The Nobel Hearing Center provides elegance and quality for your hearing loss.

Hearing aid fitting

A professional audiologist considers all aspects of hearing aid selection, including the severity and type of hearing loss, hearing aid history, speech perception, age, cosmetics, and budget. Hearing aid users should be aware that they cannot use a particular hearing aid based on a friend or family member, and he or she can use the same hearing aid. Because even two people have different hearing problems and desires.

Hearing aid technology

Now, New hearing aids have advanced telecoil and strong noise reduction. New hearing aids have artificial intelligence, and they are more advanced in crowded environments such as concerts, crowded stadiums, and much more speech-enhancing, than old hearing aids. In the new hearing aids, the connection of the two hearing aids with each other causes the hearing perception to increase even up to 25%, and for a hearing aid person, this issue remains like a miracle.
There are also applications for mobile communication with hearing aids.
Many of the hearing aids produced today use telecoils and even advanced technology like artificial intelligence. Telecoils improve hearing in public settings, such as theaters and airports. Meanwhile, wireless technology allows two hearing aids (one on each ear) to communicate with each other and essentially operate together as one complete hearing system. It also means hearing aids can connect to external sources of sound that are transmitted wirelessly, such as via Bluetooth. 
Even better? Many manufacturers now make accompanying hearing aid apps that give users added control over their devices.

Will I hear better right away?

Pay attention to this and do not forget that it takes some time to get used to the hearing aids prescribed for you. After one to two months of getting used to the hearing aid, the main adjustment will be made according to your statements in the short time you have been using it. So many ads that acknowledge that you can find the right hearing aid for you in a week to ten days are just an ad. People who change their hearing aid brand also need more time to get used to it.

Is it true that hearing aids delay dementia?

When a person suffers from hearing loss for many years, or does not use a high quality of hearing aid, or is under pressure to hear, the brain should focus on hearing perception instead of focusing on areas such as memory or memorizing daily tasks. And this is what bothers the brain and the person, and little by little the memory area becomes weak and mental dementia can occur.

Hearing aids are not personal sound amplifiers

Keep in mind that "hearing amplifiers" and similar products sold on Amazon and other retailers are not hearing aids and are not FDA regulated. It's very much buyer-beware when shopping online for hearing aids.

Do I have a hearing loss?

The best answer to this question is to take a hearing test at the Nobel Hearing Center. In order for hearing-impaired people to be able to hear better like normal maples again and to be present in public with confidence, it is recommended to use a suitable and quality hearing aid. Hearing loss eventually leads to depression, low self-esteem and isolation. Young people or students have actually chosen a difficult path in life if they do not pay attention to their hearing loss.


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