In the Canal (ITC) Hearing Aids

Also sometimes known as Half Shell hearing aids, In the Canal (ITC) hearing aids are very similar to In the Ear (ITE) aids, except that they are slightly smaller and so sit only in the lower part of your ear, filling the ear canal, but not the whole ear concha itself.

Again, they are made to a custom mold of your ear and so promise a comfortable fit and a fairly small and inconspicuous design. However, they are still larger and therefore more noticeable than Completely in the Canal (CIC) hearing aids and Invisible in the Canal (IIC) hearing aids.

NOBLE hearing center can help you to choose the best hearing aid.

The Differences

Their smaller size may mean that they are less visible to others, but it does also mean that they are not able to be as powerful as some of the larger, or behind the ear hearing aid styles. However, if you only have mild to moderate hearing loss and are looking for a reasonably small, comfortable and easy to use hearing aid then In the Canal (ITC) could be a excellent choice for you.

In the Canal (ITC) hearing aids have numerous different pros and cons. Our information below details some of the most common of these, however for more details please contact our expert team today and we’ll happily talk you through all of your options and book your free hearing test too.


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